Sunday, March 30, 2008

PTCL Entertainment website

PTCL Friday launched its Broadband Entertainment Portal, affirming its customers that the access to the portal will be absolutely free-of-cost exclusively for PTCL Broadband Pakistan customers.
Broadband Pakistan offers DSL services with unmatched reliability, affordability and connectivity. Earlier, customers had the option of
subscribing to either the volume based (256Kbps, 512Kbps) or unlimited access (1Mbps) packages, but now for the price of the 256Kbps package subscribers would get the 512Kbps service with unlimited downloads.

Similarly, the other packages of 512Kbps and 1Mb have been upgraded to 1Mb and 2Mb respectively without any increase in price.

Under the new Pakistan Package, the customers would have to pay Rs. 1,199 per month for 512 Kbps unlimited service as compared to the previous cost of Rs. 1,999. The subscribers would have to pay only Rs. 1,999 for 1024 Kbps unlimited service as compared to the previous amount of Rs. 4,999 per month while the cost for 2048 Kbps unlimited would be Rs. 4,999 per month.

The new PTCL Broadband Entertainment Portal is strictly about professional content and provides matter across many main categories: Religion, Music, Sports, News, and Movies. It has the latest music videos, movie previews, short films, sports news and clips and more, all available for Broadband Pakistan subscribers.

Broadband Pakistan, high-speed internet, with a high rate of data transmission that offers extremely fast unlimited online internet time to customers, is a stellar example of innovative services and packages offered by PTCL while the PTCL Broadband Entertainment Portal is powered by Converge Technologies and provides a unique experience to the user.

The ease of acquiring the service and maintaining the service has made PTCL the leader in consumer broadband services in Pakistan, leading the country into the 21st Century. Broadband customer service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at 1236 with highly trained and professional representatives. The PTCL Broadband Pakistan connection can be ordered by simply calling 1236 or visiting the PTCL website at

PTCL Entertainment website:

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